Amazon Account Suspension Creates Great Tension For The Sellers

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Amazon is a multinational company that mainly deals with e-commerce. Now it is a platform where many companies sell all the essential items. The items include bathroom accessories, kitchen items, beauty products, and many more. Suddenly, if the seller sees that their account got suspended, that will be a distressing situation for them. It is a nightmare for all the sellers. As an amazon account suspended, sellers will not be able to sell any product or send any mail or messages from amazon regarding their products. So suspension occurs due to various reasons.

Reasons Like:

  • If the sellers have not maintained proper guidelines or terms and conditions, suspension can occur.

  • Amazon is very much rigid in following the rules; if anyone violates any of the regulations, then actions are taken immediately by Amazon.

  • The seller’s performance is also mandatory. If the customer is not buying the product, then your account can be blocked by them.

  • If the product quality could be better, and customers show lots of satisfaction, then the account can be suspended due to bad reviews.

  • If a seller deals with multiple accounts, it is totally against the rule of Amazon. If one of your accounts gets suspended, then you can’t make another account. Amazon will stop both accounts.

How To Recover Your Account?

Read the suspension notice carefully, as you need to know why. Now you have to send them the mail to revive your account. The moment they receive the mail, they will send a form you must fill out. After that, an expert will contact them to make them understand why they were suspended and how to restore their account. So amazon suspension appeal has to be made by the seller, and then they have to make a plan and send it to the amazon appeal section.

After making the Amazon suspension appeal, the seller has to wait for a few days; it can take months because they have to go through the reason and must read your request and will read all the things you have stated, and then will reinstate your account.

How To Avoid This?

So the seller must always follow the rules and regulations; if they need help understanding anything, they can take help from customer service to clear it. Amazon always notifies the seller 72 hours before the suspension so that you get notified. Try to check the daily notifications regarding their update and how you can improve you’re selling process or what mistakes you made. If the customer raises any issue, then amazon will notify instantly to the seller so that no further problem can be extended. So, go through the customer reviews daily to improve yourself and also go through their demands. Try to use only one account once the previous account gets reinstated.

So the sellers must follow all the rules and keep themselves updated regarding the products so that Amazon account suspended must not be faced.

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