How to Host the Perfect Christmas House Party.

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It’s instilled in us that Christmas is a time of festivities, fun activities, and spending time with the ones you love. We wait all year to be merry with our family, gathering together on those cosy winter nights and having (probably one too many) mulled wines. Once the summer season has passed and the leaves begin to fall off the trees as we head into Autumn, people’s minds immediately fast-track to December and the Christmas period- and the chaotic present shopping and decorating commence. And in amongst what already seems like a never-ending list of tasks and activities to complete, there’s one that everybody usually looks forward to- the Christmas party! ‘Tis the season to drink, eat and be merry- so if you’re wondering “how can I host the perfect Christmas party at home?”, We Buy Any House have compiled our perfect tips to help out.

Plan it Out and Be Prepared:

When it comes to hosting any event- preparation is key. Knowing what you’re intending on doing will enable you to make proper plans and not leave everything until the last minute. Start by writing down ideas, and then work your way to a narrower and more defined plan of how you want things to go. It’s a good idea to allocate dates and time frames for the things you wish to get done, as then you can have a tick-off system for all the chores and tasks that need to be done in time.

Choosing a Theme:

Although you may think “but Christmas is the theme?”, there are many, many variations to Christmas decorations. The decorating process is one of the best parts of hosting a party, so it’s important to think of what theme you are going to go for. If you’re hosting a Christmas meal, then the table is one of the most important parts of the decorating process- so you might want to make this the focal centerpiece of your theme. Don’t forget to add dramatic lighting to really enhance the decorations you have put up.

Think of Entertainment:

No party is complete without entertainment! Once people start drinking (and even if they haven’t) people may begin to get tired. To make sure your guests don’t start sloping off from the party, liven the mood with a few party games. Bringing out the classics such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Cards Against Humanity is a great way to guarantee a few laughs and keep everyone occupied throughout the night.

Add Personalised Treats:

As Christmas is the season for giving, why not give your guests a little festive treat? A little something can go a long way, and it will be a nice way to end a pleasant evening with your nearest and dearest. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, and the sentiment of giving something will more than likely mean more than the gift itself. You could even try to craft or make something that is homemade!

Make a Warm Welcome:

When you welcome guests into your home, you will want them to feel as though they are in a warm and festive environment. There are a few great ways to do this, by either including a seasonal table in the hallway, having scented candles that create an undeniable smell the instant someone walks into your home, and ensuring the lighting is on point.

Make a Self-Service Bar:

Home bars are absolutely in fashion, so it’s a great idea to incorporate these into your party. You can ask your guests to contribute if you want, and that way people can help themselves to whatever they fancy- and it will put less pressure on you as a host to not act like a bartender all night.

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