How to make efficient use of space in your home

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Multi-functional rooms and furniture

Rooms need to serve more than one purpose in today’s world and often so does our furniture. Many homeowners choose pieces of furniture that double up as storage, such as ottoman seats and footstools, and beds with drawers built into the divan.

Wall-mounted furniture, such as a table or desk, can provide the functionality you need without taking up much space.

Don’t overlook outdoor furniture. Even in the garden, you can keep clutter at bay with dual-purpose items, including storage benches. Make use of these and shed or garage space to store items such as outdoor toys which really don’t need to be kept in the house. Just remember to make sure outdoor buildings being used to store valuables are kept secure with locks or padlocks.

Make use of any dead space in your home

Even small areas, such as beneath a bathroom sink, offer opportunities to create storage. Buy a ready-made storage unit designed to fit into unused bathroom spaces, or get a carpenter to make something bespoke for you.

Often neglected, but with lots of potential, the area under the stairs is the perfect place to add new storage. For a simple DIY storage solution, fit a series of shelves. Alternatively, a fitted furniture company will be able to design a storage solution to help you make the most of every available inch of space.

Don’t forget less obvious spaces such as overhead, where items such as pans can be held and laundry can be dried if you have high ceilings.


There’s nothing like a good declutter for freeing up more space in your home. Clutter builds up gradually, and unless you have regular clear-outs, you can quickly find you are using valuable storage space to hold items that you don’t even want.

If you feel overwhelmed by the task of decluttering, get advice from the guru of tidying, Marie Kondo at

Decluttering also gives you a chance to generate some income, for yourself or for your favourite cause. Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so put unwanted items on eBay, or take them to a charity shop. This can be a good incentive to get started on decluttering.

Off-site storage solutions

If you still don’t have enough space to store all your belongings without feeling that your home is overflowing, it’s time to consider using off-site storage. Specialist storage companies, such as Safestore Kings Cross offer secure, easy-access space to store the things which you need but you simply don’t have room for at home. One way to manage off-site storage is to put things away in a seasonal cycle, but with access seven days a week, you can put things away for shorter periods if that works better for you.

Making the most efficient use of space in your home refreshes its appeal, reduces stress, and can save you the upheaval and cost of moving to a larger place.

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