Valentine’s Day flower gift

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Valentine’s Day is the occasion to declare or to show once a year your love to the one you love, by offering flowers among the gifts traditionally linked to this date of February 14th, which marketing has taken over. Between those who refuse to be trapped by this commercial event and those who see an opportunity to show their partner that their feelings still vibrate as intensely as ever, it is up to everyone to take a stand. Whether you want to give flowers on Valentine’s Day or any other day, to tell the other person how much you love them, here are some suggestions.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

Historically, in the 14th century, the Catholics of Great Britain declared February 14th as the celebration of the lovers since the local tradition believed that it was also on this date that the birds were mating. On that day, women could engage in “valentine’s day”, that is to say, they could break the rules of marriage by having sexual relations outside of marriage or with their lover if they were married. Despite this, and turning a blind eye to this comfortable practice, the Church made Valentine’s day the saint of lovers.

The tradition continued, but it was not until the mid-nineteenth century that Valentine’s Day became a popular commercial holiday in the United States before it was extended to Europe, where it became a popular holiday.

What flowers to give for Valentine’s Day?

When ordering your flowers, you have a wide selection to choose from, but you must understand each type and color then what it represents. If your florist has run out of red roses, and you want to break the codes, you will have to opt for other flowers. Don’t feel guilty, it’s not a problem, the choice is vast enough in the language of flowers to express your feelings with at least as much passion and feeling!

Red tulips are a declaration of love, the anemone marks mutual trust and affection, ranunculus expresses joy and charm but without frivolity, the camellia will seal your couple since it evokes the perfection of lasting love and beauty, nothing less.

Moreover, for a declaration of love or a beginning of a new relationship, there is nothing like the red carnation, less direct than the rose but just as romantic, which will be able to whisper to the other person sweet words that it is sometimes hard for us to speak. The white carnation will reward the long-lasting and faithful love between two lovers over the long term. If you like mimosa and broom, you should know that yellow is synonymous with jealousy: is it really the day? It’s up to you.

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Now that you have all the information you need, you are ready to go and express yourself to others but this time in an elegant way.

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