Simple DIY Blue Bottle Fly And Cockroach Trap

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So, you got cockroaches at your home. The first is to control them as soon as possible. You have two options- call the professional pest control team or do easy DIY tricks. There is poisonous spay available in the market, but they are very risky to inhale for humans. Don’t let these awful and threatening insect win over you.

The crawlers need nourishment for a period to survive, so you have to set an appropriate cockroach trap to eliminate them.

The Easy Diy Cockroach Traps

The Boric Powder Trapingredients You Need:

  • Boric Powder
  • Flour
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Oatmeal
  • Duct Tape, Or You Can Replace It With Plaster Of Paris
  • A Thick Mount Board

Mix all the above materials (flour, cocoa powder, oatmeal) with the boric acid. The smell of the mixture will allure cockroaches. Place the food on thick card paper and sticky tape. Find a popular sport for these cockroaches and place the trap. When they come to eat this food, they will get trapped in the web. You can replace the traps when they are full.

The trap size should be big enough so they cannot escape.

The Peanut Butter Bait

Ingredients You Need:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Boric Acid
  • Duct Tape

As per research, cockroaches and Blue Bottle Fly loves the sweet taste. Most of them love the taste of peanuts. So this is the perfect trap for them. It is the most simple and effective trap where one has to apply a little peanut butter on the surface of the sticky tape. Place the video near the cockroach-infested place. If you desire to see them die, add a small quantity of boric acid to the peanut butter.

Make sure you replace the tape frequently to kill more of these roaches.

3 The Jar Insect Trap

Ingredients You Need:

  • A Glass Or You Can Use A Plastic Jar
  • Vaseline
  • Tape
  • Onion Or Any Food With A Pungent Smell

In a jar, place the onion and create a ladder or cover the whole pot with tape. They try to reach the food when they get attracted to the smell. As they try to climb up, they will get stuck in the trap and count not scurry away.

Or you can place vaseline inside the glass container so they will get trapped inside the pot when they crawl to the jar and cannot come out due to the slippery slope. You can replace the vaseline with oil, also.

The Water Deadfall

Ingredients You Need:

  • A Glass Or Plastic Jar
  • Sweet Drinks

It is a quick and straightforward trap; you need an empty jar to pour sweet drinks. Please place them in different corners of your house. The sweet smell will invite them, and when they enter the pot, they cannot come out of it because of the liquid.

Finale Takeaway

There are many natural and effective ways for blue bottle flies and cockroach traps. If one is not working, try another, maybe with different food like bread, potato, etc. If you have a severe pest attack, get help from a professional.

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